BABY BOY After 12 Years Of Challenges!!!

  • By Simret Mengesha
  • / Apr 2, 2019

“Dear brothers and sisters, my name is Simret. I am from United States of America but originally from Ethiopia. I have a BIG testimony to share! I was dealing with depression for 16 years alongside multiple challenges in my life and family. I went to three different doctors in USA and one doctor in Ethiopia but they all recommended I should not have a second baby because of my depression. Then, I gave up on having another child.

“Around this time, my mum started watching Emmanuel TV because of my problem. Afterwards, I and my brothers also started watching. My younger brother got an invitation to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria and he took my picture with him, so that the man of God can pray for me. He was privileged to meet Prophet T.B. Joshua and when the man of God asked him why he was there, he said, ‘I am here for my sister’ and he gave my picture to him. The Man of God then gave him Morning Water and a Faith Bracelet to give to me!

“I used the Morning Water, wore the Faith Bracelet and then I got pregnant after one month! My pregnancy was very pleasant; I did not have any issue. I had my baby boy in June 2018. God gave me a strong and healthy baby boy after 12 years of challenges! Now, I am in a good health and all of my family are happy. God restored my marriage too! In honour of this testimony, I called my son the name Abraham! Glory be to God! As a result of the challenges I went through, me and my family are much closer to God!

“Lastly, I want to say that TB Joshua is a real a man of God! Brothers and sisters, listen to the teaching of the Word of God and his godly advice on Emmanuel TV. TB Joshua, may God bless you and your ministry! May He give you good health and long age, in Jesus’ name! God is faithful! Emmanuel!”

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