BLESSED With A Job And Two Bedroom Flat!

  • By pamela quao
  • / Sep 2, 2016

Pamela Quao, a resident of United Kingdom, testified that her life has experienced uncommon favour after she visited The SCOAN and received prayer from TB Joshua:

“Good morning! I visited The SCOAN, Nigeria in April 2016 and i was privileged to be touched by Prophet TB Joshua at the prayer line. Prior to returning to the UK, i obtained Morning Water. I testify that God has really changed things in my life since returning from The SCOAN.

Firstly, after eight years of graduation, I have not been able to obtain a job in my field of study. This year, God located me and placed me in a role related to my field of study, which i believe will be a stepping stone to my future career in my field of study.

Secondly, the era of me renting small rooms in houses has ended! God blessed me with a two bed property and continues to provide for me to pay the rent for this property on a monthly basis.

I give glory to God and i am thankful indeed. I know that all of this would not have been possible had i not attended The SCOAN. I say thank you Jesus for this and i pray for blessings upon The SCOAN and Prophet TB Joshua!”


  • Kinga Selekwa 4 years ago

    Be blessed in Jesus name. Even to my side it is now Five years of graduation I have not obtained a job related to my field of study. I am still praying to God located me and placed me in a role related to my field of study. Through Prophet T.B Joshua this year in Faith am going to receive a job related to my filed of study

  • pamela quao 4 years ago

    Hello Just a point of correction: i visited the SCOAN in April 2015 and not April 2016 as it states in the testimony published above.

  • afijabis 4 years ago

    better is not good enough the best is yet to come in ourlives……Emmanuel

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