BLESSED With A New Job In INDIA!!!

  • By Jim Mathews
  • / Apr 12, 2019

“Hi! I am Jim Mathews from India. I was looking for change of job for a long time since 2008 as I was not very keen in continuing with the job I was in. I really longed for a job change for my career progression. I had attended some job interviews over the years but almost every time at the final stage, it would not work out for me despite my having good credentials and sometimes even being assured of the new job after doing well in the interviews. I sensed some bondage was blocking my efforts and progress and a spirit of stagnation and rejection was taking over me.

“After discovering and partnering with Emmanuel TV, we used to watch The SCOAN Sunday Live services as a family and were encouraged by seeing the Morning Water and Sticker testimonies shared and the messages of Prophet T.B.Joshua. I then started praying with the Anointing sticker I was privileged to receive and kept it in my desk at the office. I also sprayed the Morning Water over my certificates, academic files and resume.

“Within a few weeks, I received a call for from an American multinational company. After various rounds of interviews with them spanning over many months, I finally received the new job with a more responsible position and better pay! I have now been working with this new company under God’s grace and protection since last six months in the new company and we as a family are settling down in our new location! Thank you Emmanuel TV prayer warriors who have been praying with us for this breakthrough in our lives. Please continue to pray for us to grant me favour in the eyes of the management of this company and for our kids to excel in their academics in their new school!”

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