Contract Restored After Visit To The SCOAN!!!

  • By Galeboe Motlaleng
  • / Apr 18, 2019

“My name is Galeboe Motlaleng from Botswana. I visited The SCOAN with my wife, Larona Motlaleng from 4th to 9th of April 2019. We had the opportunity to receive a prophecy from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, during the live Sunday service of 7th April. The man of God prophesied to my wife that she is a mysterious child. He said it took time for my wife to be conceived, that her parents went to seek a solution from someone who took them to the sea and asked the god of water for pregnancy before she was delivered. The man of God also said that my wife always sees herself in water in her dreams and that this has affected the affection between the two of us. We confirmed all this to be true!

“We have had a lot of setbacks in our 17 years of Marriage. We had been experiencing no affection in our marriage and my wife would be dreaming of a spiritual husband in most cases and sometimes seeing herself swimming in a dream. Our company also was not doing well. We had a contract to supply one Company with Tswana Food but since around November 2018 they did not place orders from us.

“However, immediately after our arrival from The SCOAN, we got new orders from the same company and they also approved our price increases without any issues! We thank God for the prophecy from the Man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua as all our troubles are a thing of the past. This is our first breakthrough and the best is yet to come. The affection is back and we are a happy couple now. We have even started registering a Charity or Foundation that will be helping disabled persons or any persons that need special attention in our community/ country. We have a vision to grow the Foundation to be able to help people with disabilities even beyond our borders. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

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