DELIVERANCE From Addiction Through Emmanuel TV!!!

  • By Charles Makwenda
  • / Apr 3, 2019

“My name is Charles Makwenda from Malawi. Currently I work as a Chief Executive Officer for an NGO. In 2013, I was going through a very difficult situation after I lost my wife. I prayed so hard for my wife not to die but she was sick for only four days and then gone.The world around me crumbled. I slipped into bad habits of drinking beer excessively and going out with many ladies. My life was in serious trouble!

“In my confused state, one day I sat before the TV and listened to Prophet TB Joshua preaching. He then started praying for viewers all over the world. I prayed along with him and immediately some power like an electric shock hit me! I was shocked as to what had just happened! Immediately, I felt like urinating. I rushed to the toilet and to my surprise, I urinated something that was not urine! It was thick green like dishwashing liquid! Since then – all the urge for beer and other women left me! My Christian life has tripled! I even preach and share the Word of God with others now. Glory be to God! I have even met the man of God in my dreams three times. I thank God!”

Also struggling with addiction? Deliverance is available in the name of Jesus Christ! Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua in faith and get ready to share your own testimony, in Jesus’ name:

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