• By Milena Petrova
  • / Mar 16, 2019

“Hello, my name is Milena Petrova, I am from Bulgaria. I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ and give my testimony. My problem started about 12 years ago. After I had given birth to both of my children and they were still small, I often suffered from a lack of sleep. I was constantly tired due to this sleeplessness.

“Once, while lying on the bed and trying to fall asleep, I suddenly heard a cruel laugh in front of my face! I then saw a demon just in front of me who said, “I will destroy you!” That really scared me! For years, I continued to suffer with this insomnia. If I fell asleep, I would suddenly be startled awake without cause. I was constantly tired and this lasted for more than 12 years.

“A few months ago, I began to watch TB Joshua every day on Emmanuel TV and lay my hand on the screen while he was praying for the viewers. One day, I read the testimony of a man who was healed during his sleep and read another testimony of a woman who put her hand on the screen when there was a prayer for the viewers and then she vomited and was released. My faith grew stronger! After praying with TB Joshua, I slept and had a dream. I saw myself lying down – turning left and right trying to fall asleep but I could not. I then saw a man I did not know who said, “I will deliver you!” He came to me, prayed for me, and I started to change uncontrollably. My hands stiffened and there was a demonic manifestation in that dream. Suddenly, I woke up. Since then I can sleep peacefully. Thank You, Jesus!”

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