Deliverance From Spiritual Husband Through Emmanuel TV!!!

  • By Gloria Palubjakova
  • / Oct 18, 2019

“My name is Gloria Palubjakova from Canada. For years now, I had dreams about a spiritual husband and also other terrible nightmares. I noticed things like a man trying to have an affair with me or sometimes seeing the nakedness of the man. It reached the point I was even too scared to go to sleep at night. As time went on, I started suffering from insomnia and stress. I could not go near my husband or open up to him. I constantly was filled with fear about my dreams and the images I saw. I started dreading the night and my head became heavy from lack of sleep and constantly thinking negative thoughts.

“By God’s grace, I discovered Emmanuel TV and I heard Prophet TB Joshua saying, ‘The heart is important for prayer’ but I knew my heart was not open because I was filled with fear. I prayed to God to help me open my heart by following the man of God on Emmanuel TV. As I continually followed Emmanuel TV in prayers, I realised one day that the fear was gone and my heart was free! At the same time, I stopped having the nightmares and no longer saw the man in my dreams!

“I was so happy for the change and that I could actually sleep all night without any interruptions! I am now close to my husband and family and can think clearly without fear in my heart and head. It is such a great relief! Now I continually try all I can by His grace to focus on God’s Spirit and grow in God.

“I advise everyone to never give up as God is faithful and He will always keep His Word. Emmanuel TV is a great place to see all what God is doing and improve the quality of our spiritual life. Thank you!”

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