Deliverance From The Spirit Of Death Through Prophecy!!!

  • By Constance Viklund
  • / Sep 17, 2018

Emmanuel! My name is Constance Viklund from Sweden. I and my family visited The SCOAN from the 7th August to the 14th of August 2018. During the Sunday Service of 12th August, the man of God gave me a prophecy which I confirmed to be 100 percent true. He said I had a wound in my vagina due to excessive bleeding. He also said that he was seeing the spirit of death. He also prophesied to my son, saying that he should forgive his dad who abandoned him seven years ago. The man of God prayed for us and by the grace of God, I was healed and my son who had difficulties in walking due to borrelia can now walk! The Prophet also prayed for my other son, Jordan and he is now more focused on his studies and I thank God for everything. Emmanuel! The God of Prophet TB Joshua is a mighty God. The bad dreams I had – where people were sleeping with me and chasing me – have completely disappeared. I want to thank the Prophet for making himself available to be used by God to rescue sinners like us.

Now I am happy and even the colour of my face is brighter! My friends even say that I look different and I tell them that when God heals you, He makes everything beautiful. My advice to people is to never give up on God. Trust in Him with all your problems. I knew and believed that God has the final say in my situation and behold when the right time came, the Lord did it for us. I pray that God will put His hand in your case and whatever your problems are, the God of Prophet TB Joshua will put a smile on your face. The one week that we spent at The SCOAN was the best week of my life. I finally had the opportunity to spend time meditating and re-examining my priorities in life. I look forward to another visit to the church again. This is indeed a place where everyone should visit and experience for themselves. Emmanuel!

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