Delivered Through Emmanuel TV – DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER!!!

  • By Nyasha Mwarindira
  • / Feb 27, 2019

“Hi, my name is Nyasha Mwarindira. I am a Zimbabwean residing in Durban, South Africa. My testimony goes like this – on 12th February 2019, my husband and the kids were having our evening prayers before retiring to bed for the day. We had Emmanuel TV playing the whole time. Just when we started praying, that’s when Prophet T.B Joshua was also praying with viewers all over the world. My 5 year old daughter and I went to touch the screen and prayed along with the man of God. Shortly after that I was kneeling down while praying when all of a sudden I started coughing. At first, I thought it was just a cough and I went to get some water. Before I could even reach the kitchen to get water, I felt something wanting to come out from my throat. I started coughing really hard! What followed thereafter was that I started vomiting heavily. I could feel something that was sitting on my throat coming out and I immediately felt so relieved. I felt so light and so joyful at the same time! It was not the first time touching the screen and praying along with the Prophet but on this day, God’s grace located me. Frankly speaking, I always used to wonder how others get touched by praying on Emmanuel TV! I thank God for my testimony. I know the way out for me and my household has come. Thank you God of Prophet T.B Joshua for delivering me. Thank You, Jesus! I am free!”

What is your own challenge? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and get ready to SHARE your own testimony, in Jesus’ name!

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