Delivered From Marijuana, Alcohol, Pornography

  • By @moises_ colares
  • / Oct 9, 2016

Pummeled by the widespread moral problems haunting today’s youths, Cosmas Tande, a Zimbabwean studying in South Africa, shares the testimony of his remarkable escape.=

”I began to smoke marijuana at the age of 16. After I was admitted to university January 2016, I associated with friends that indulged in the habit. We started by smoking once a week. Later, we advanced to puffing more than twice each day. I began to lose focus in school work and was failing my examinations. I was not really bothered. I thought I was having a good time. When first semester results were released, I had passes in three out of six courses. In two of these, I managed to score just 50 per cent and 51 per cent.

I knew my ways were wrong. I drank alcohol regularly and went to night clubs on Wednesdays and at weekends. Often, I left the club 3 a.m., and returned to my hostel 4 a.m. I became a chain smoker. At a point, I didn’t have to buy cigarettes or marijuana. My friends always showed up with fresh supplies. I also became addicted to pornography. With the obscene images also came addiction to masturbation, lust for girls and immoral thoughts.

I continued to smoke and drink after I returned to school for a second semester. But I no longer watched pornography because my laptop was stolen. I noticed that I was scoring zeros in key tests. I became disturbed. Often, to calm my nerves, I turned to cigarettes.

My friends and I never went to church. Many of them did not even believe in the existence of God; and the topic always irritated them. A certain student often invited me to church. Always, I declined.

Something was moving in my heart, however. I began to feel bad about the life I was living. I began to reflect on how hard my parents were working to pay tuition fees for my twin brother and I. Sometimes, I would be so troubled in my mind; I would cry. When my parents ask how my study is, I tell them a lie.

Whenever I planned to study, I ended up wasting time on online movies. I knew this was a problem I had to solve. We have Emmanuel TV at home, but I never gave it much thought like my parents. I finally made up my mind to follow Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube.

One day, I searched for Prophet T.B. Joshua’s ministration on YouTube and prayed along. When the prayer finished, I realised I was shivering. It was as if I had a huge block of ice in my body. I tried to stop the shiver. I couldn’t. It went on for a few minutes. Suddenly, I felt very, very, very happy. I had abundant joy. So much joy filled my heart. Gone was the desire to smoke, drink, watch pornography or masturbate!

Since that day, I have been going to church regularly, reading my Bible everyday and acting upon the Word. I can no longer keep my eyes off Emmanuel TV, it’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. I have found that God Almighty indeed brings people from darkness into light. I pray that He would continue to bless Prophet T.B. Joshua, a true man of God!”

Are you bound by bad habits or struggling to overcome a similar addiction? There IS a way out in the name of Jesus Christ!

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