I Was Delivered From Pornography As I Prayed With The Prophet!

  • By Sean Mashau
  • / Feb 16, 2017

A promising medical student is ensnared by sinful pleasures. Summoning faith, he prays with the Man of God and experiences a total deliverance.

As a medical student at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, Sean Mashau needed little or no distractions. His first semester, however, had “challenges.” He suffered mild depression. The 19-year-old was also rattled by extreme anxiety. He was able to pass only “by the grace of God.”

The year itself was troublous. Students from the country’s universities staged violent demonstrations, calling for free education. “The second semester was much more complicated because of all the protests that were going on,” said Sean. As a result of the crisis, “We were told to go back to our homes and prepare for exams pushed to January.”

As August passed, the medical student’s mind began to roam into immoral quarters. Sean “became addicted to pornography, which led gradually to masturbation.”

It was, however, a costly pastime. “It took a toll on me both financially and academically. I lost the desire to study. I also spent a lot of money on airtime, which I used for streaming on the Internet,” he said.

One night, Sean decided it was time he told God about the problem. He had heard that distance was not a barrier to receiving one’s breakthrough. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed, the young man keyed in with faith, and placed his hand on the screen of his laptop. “Suddenly, my hand began to shake. I felt something leave my body,” he said. In order to “seal” his deliverance, the student also fasted.

Sean was no longer the same after the experience. Completely free from the immoral habit, and now a second-year medical student, he testified: “I believe that my deliverance prevented me from failing the second semester examination. I am determined to study hard, he resolved, and ‘work as if it all depends on me and pray as if it all depends on God’.

Are you struggling with a similar addiction? Pray along with T.B. Joshua and open the door of your heart in readiness to receive a touch from Heaven!

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