Delivered From Spirit Of Fornication Through Emmanuel TV!!!

  • By Winnie Bird
  • / Apr 1, 2019

“Emmanuel!! My names are Winnie K. Bird, aged 44 years and I am Ugandan but reside in Dubai, UAE. For many years, I suffered from the spirit of fornication. I had been in many relationships but all ending up in failure. I was angry, I drank too much, I was bitter, quarrelsome, unfaithful and yet I still confessed to being a Christian.

“I have two daughters aged between 23 and 8 with different fathers. I was unstable for many years, homeless at times. I travelled many countries in search of peace and stability but I found none. When I came to Dubai in June 2013 to work, during my visa change (this is when one goes to change their visa from visitors to employment visa – one is required to go out of the country and then back), I flew to Kish Island (an Island in Iran just one hour away from Dubai) and that is where I met a young lady from Nigeria also on visa change. We shared a hotel room and I saw her pray and ministering herself with the Morning Water. Before this, I had never heard of or seen Emmanuel TV or Prophet TB Joshua. So, I got interested in what the girl was doing and asked her and she told me about a Nigerian preacher called TB Joshua. As she had very little Morning Water, she sprayed a little into a mineral water bottle of 300ml. I used some on myself and drank some and really believed! That same day, I had a nap in the afternoon and I had a dream where a white big-snow-like-cloud broke away from Heaven and came and landed on me. It felt very cold and because the weather that time was very hot, the cloud felt soothing to my skin. I woke up but didn’t know what to make of the dream. Shortly afterwards, I got my employment visa and traveled back to Dubai. Immediately I arrived in Dubai, I looked for Emmanuel TV online and started watching YouTube videos of Prophet TB Joshua. I was happy and sometimes cried, wondering about my own life and seeing a lot of me in many people who were delivered.

“But if I might take you back a bit – for many years, I suffered with a lung complication and at this time I was really very sick and didn’t know what to do. So, while watching YouTube deliverance videos of Emmanuel TV, I watched a particular video of a Korean man who was strapped on machines who could not breathe on his own. When the man of God Prophet TB Joshua prayed for him, he got healed! I watched that video in August 2014 at night. I cried myself to sleep and I touched the screen of my IPAD from which I was watching the video (it brings tears of joy to my eyes even now thinking about what God has done to my life from that time), and I begged God to heal my lungs. I cried for seeing the Korean man healed and singing and I cried because I was desperate for my own situation.

“That same night, I had a dream where I saw Prophet TB Joshua come to me near a tunnel (I could recognise the tunnel in my country Uganda because I know where it is). There were five men around him and as he approached me, a man who seemed to be hiding behind me ran into the tunnel. As I was trying to figure out what was going on, Prophet TB Joshua called out to the man and ordered him to come back! I don’t know what happened to the man but I remember Prophet TB Joshua stretching his hand and talking to the 5 men he was with and telling them that I was suffering from the spirit of fornication. He then cast the spirit out of me! I remember feeling almost dizzy and going around in circles until I fell on the ground and looking up wailing. Something that looked like a million creatures or bees or insects came out of my mouth as I wailed and screamed and the whole cloud turned grey!! Right after that I woke up, thought about it for a minute and I felt different! I knew there and then deliverance had taken place – a miracle had happened in my life! I knew Jesus had used Prophet TB Joshua to heal me. But what amused me in all this is the fact that he said I suffered from the spirit of fornication! That is something I had never thought about and yet I had been in multiple failed relationships for a long time! Remember, I prayed for my lungs to be healed; instead, I was delivered from the spirit that had turned my world upside down! Praise the Lord, people of God! I cannot explain the power bestowed on Prophet TB Joshua but I am just grateful that God has allowed us to have a Prophet in this day and age.

“Fast forward, by September 2014 I met my husband and my life changed. Remember, I was delivered in August 2014! We ended up wedding in January 2016. Since then I am happily married to a wonderful man. My husband is British. I have peace, I am calm and I talk less. All these things are new to me! For many years I talked non-stop, I was a mess and I was hyper. But now, I can sit and enjoy my time alone and praise the Lord! I have learnt to meditate in my heart – Take more of me Lord and give me more of you! My life is wonderful!

“As I had mentioned before, I had been unstable for a long time and back in Uganda, I had no home. I had lost my parents earlier in life and the only property they left us was taken away from us by relatives. But after my marriage in 2016, my husband bought us land in Uganda – a very good plot near a lake and we built on cottage to live in as we built a bigger house. I now own a home in my country and we are building another! We further bought more plots of land and we plan on building on rentals. I got delivered in 2014 and have my own home in 2018! God can restore what you have lost in life within a short time, even though you have suffered for years and years. I am a living testimony! I call myself a living miracle!

“Before my deliverance, I lived with my friends in shared accommodation but after my deliverance and marriage. I now live in a Villa of 4 bedrooms in a prestigious neighbourhood with my husband! Back in Uganda, my first daughter aged 23 years has a wonderful job and my younger one goes to an international school. I give God all the glory and thank Prophet TB Joshua for delivering me! My prayer is that one day I visit The SCOAN in Nigeria!

“My advice to anyone reading this is believe in God and don’t doubt the man of God Prophet TB Joshua! He surely is Jesus’ prophet and we are so lucky to have him in today’s generation. Have faith and know that we cannot control anything in our lives but surrender to Jesus so that He can restore your life to its original purpose. He gives wisdom and understand and direction. See what He has done in my life?! Who knew a person can be delivered through touching a mere screen of an IPAD? But I was and am here – a living person! Emmanuel!!! Praise the Lord!”

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