“Ever Since I Discovered Emmanuel TV, My Life Has Never Been The Same…”

  • By Emmanuel TV
  • / Mar 9, 2015

“I discovered Emmanuel TV at the age of 19 and we were always discouraged by people in our local church not to watch it, that it all consisted of magic. However, we kept watching it in our home in order to really find out what is was all about. As time went on and the testimonies of people watching Emmanuel TV kept on increasing, the mindset of the local church changed and everyone is now a viewer of Emmanuel TV!

“Ever since I discovered Emmanuel TV, my life has never been the same! The channel has rebuked me, moulded me, rebuilt me and put me back on the right track of life. The water therapy introduced by the man of God has made me look very beautiful again. Everything on Emmanuel TV is life changing! I will advise everyone to make Emmanuel TV a part of his or her life. Glory be to God! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL TV!!!

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    Amen ! In Jesus name
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    Joseph Kanyinda from DRC living in south africa I’ve been watching
    emmanuel tv since 2010 I can’t count what God has done my life from emmanuel people call us names me,my wife and my son says(“children of so call prophet”) but today they joined us also and watching emmanuel tv!
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  • Ricardo clearans Samuel

    Good morning. prophet t.b joshua appeared to me cover in light and white garment and the place where I was sleeping was dark and I too was dark when this happened I can actually saw where I was sleeping prophet t.b joshua stretched out his hand and his hand went through my body straight to my heart to touch me then suddenly the light he was carrying enter me and become a intergrate part of my being which is a mystery to me something that I could nev imagine or dreamt of so many heavenly dreams ….this light is always with me thank you Jesus for Emmanuel tv am set a side for god special attention happy birthday day Emmanuel tv

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    praise god

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