Everything About The SCOAN Is ANOINTED!!!

  • By @moises_ colares
  • / Apr 29, 2019

“My name is Felix Sunday from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. On 28th April 2019, I was in The SCOAN for the Sunday Service. At the close of the service, I decided to go with the water from the canteen, believing that everything connected to the Arena of Liberty is anointed. At about 12:34am, I heard voices of people crying near the lodge I was staying for someone who was unconscious and about to die. I went out of my lodge and saw a pregnant woman lying down who was being prepared to be taken to the hospital. She was lifeless. I instructed them not to take her anywhere, which surprised the husband! I then went inside my room in the lodge, took out the water (which I wrapped with the Good Morning Anointing Sticker), prayed and ministered it to the woman’s mouth, nose, ear and eye. After about three minutes, she sneezed heavily and then started coughing. That was how she came back to life without being taken to the hospital or anyone spending a dime! Glory be to God!!!”

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