• By Nakiwala Veronica Bulungi
  • / Apr 10, 2019

“Emmanuel! My name is Nakiwala Veronica Bulungi from Uganda. I joined university in 2014 and during my time at university, my results went missing. They were not reflected in the university results portal. This had me really worried and I confined in my closest friend who encouraged me to watch Emmanuel TV. I started watching it and my spirit was gradually lifted. Going in for my second year, I was encouraged, kept meditating on God’s Word and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

“The first change I saw was a spontaneous change in my character. I loved more, helped more and prayed more. Consequently, my grades also improved. I kept going to the registrar to inquire about my results but it seemed to be to no avail. It still worried me but not as much as before and with constant meditation, I didn’t allow it to control me anymore.

“Even after my second year, my results still didn’t reflect. However, something kept me strong and moving! Later in my third year first semester, I went back to the registrar. This time she even practically showed me the results portal on her system and still nothing was there. I kept meditating and praying about it. What was also amusing was that even with such a situation, I kept reading and studying even harder for results – even though I didn’t know where they were disappearing to.

“Later still in my final year, I had a dream one night about graduation day and on this day a list was shown. It had students who had first class degree and my name was on the list! However, outside of the dream, all my results were nowhere to be seen. But this dream gave me hope and joy!

“Later in my final semester of third year, I went back to the registrar and asked about my results again. The registrar typed in my number and she looked up at me and said,’But why are you here? All your results are in the system!’ I looked at her in shock and then stepped closer to see for myself. By the Grace of God, my results were all there!

“Some few months to graduation, the graduation lists were released and guess what… Not only was I on the list but I was among the best performing students with a First class Honours Degree. Emmanuel!!! God is indeed with Us. Brethren, challenges are truly there to draw us closer to God and not to impair us, because through this, my spirit was lifted and I drew closer to God – thanks to Emmanuel TV. Thank You, Jesus!”

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