FREE From The Spirit Of Pornography!!!

  • By fidelia job
  • / Mar 26, 2019

“Emmanuel! Emmanuel!! My name is Fidelia and I am from Rivers State, Nigeria. I am very happy that through the medium of placing my hands on Emmanuel TV, I have been delivered from the spirit of pornography. It all started about 8 years ago when I found a pile of pornographic materials owned by my father, which I began to read. When I had a phone, I would watch all sorts of videos but recently – before my deliverance – I watched lesbian videos. I don’t know if the spirit wanted to give me the spirit of woman. While I had this spirit, I was in various Christian groups, choir, prayer band, Scripture Union – but I could not stop this embarrassing habit. The longest was six months – and then I started again and it even became 5 times worse than before.

“One day I tuned into Emmanuel TV and prayed along during the mass prayer with the man of God, Prophet TB Joshua. Immediately my whole body began itching! I’ve never had such an unusual itch in my life. I rolled on the floor, put on the AC and tried to leave the room but I couldn’t, I knew I was being delivered! After the prayer ended, it stopped. I cried for forgiveness and asked Jesus to forgive me.

“When I was tempted to watch those pornographic videos again, it was like my eyes shut themselves! I tried 2 times but the same thing happened! Since my deliverance, I have not had the urge to watch porn videos or even read erotic stories. I am free and I say thank You Jesus! In honour of my deliverance, I want to start a website and share it with more people who have a similar problem like mine. I pray God will help me to carry out this project. Thank You, Jesus!”

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