Emmanuel! Good Morning! My name is Mark Bigool, a Ghanaian pursuing my PhD at the KDI school of Public Policy and Management in South Korea. I got my admission through the prayers of the Prophet of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua. When I was admitted in to the Programme, I quickly left to Korea. Meanwhile, before I left for Korea, I saw myself at The SCOAN in a dream and I knew there was need to visit the man of God for more grace before leaving to Korea – but I took it lightly and left anyway. The first two terms in school were a challenge. I couldn’t obtain the required GPA to maintain my full scholarship and as such, I was offered partial tuition fee.

At this point, I had come to the end of the rope and had to hold onto faith. I took a bold step to visit The SCOAN headquarters, Nigeria and was privileged to visit the Prayer Mountain and to be prayed for by the Prophet of GOD, Prophet TB Joshua on the 12th of August 2018.

When I returned to school, I had a renewed focus and could easily understand courses that were taught, even those that I had earlier performed badly on. I could now read them and easily understand! The fall semester began and at the end of the semester, my GPA surged upwards after my visit to The SCOAN. Praise be to God!

Students into the PhD programme are mandated to write qualifying examinations within a year of study and are offered only two chances, and when a student fails to qualify the second time, he is sent home. Considering my poor performance, my supervisor had told me I wouldn’t be able to make it. But I told him I could make it and just needed to put in more effort. I was bold in telling my Professor because I had just returned from my Prophet and knew the God of Prophet TB Joshua never fails HIS children.

In the morning of the exams, the song ‘GOOD MORNING, it’s a new dawn in my life’ composed by Prophet TB Joshua unconsciously came into my mouth, and I was meditating on it until we started the exams. The space of time between the end of the semester and the schedule for the qualifying examinations is so short that no student has ever sat for three papers and passed them all the first time, but to the amazement of all I made it once – the first person to have ever passed all the three courses once! This could only be God! The God of Prophet TB Joshua did it for me.
My colleagues affirmed it; they said it was a miracle! I thank God for not allowing the expectation of the enemy to prevail over my life. I also thank Prophet TB Joshua for his prayer support!

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