Healed Of BLOODY EYES!!!

  • By Aniekwe Obiorah
  • / Apr 10, 2019

“EMMANUEL!!! My name is Aniekwe Obiorah from Accra, Ghana. God is indeed with us. My testimony goes like this: I went out for a palace meeting where we received some visiting dignitaries. While I was in the meeting, my eyes suddenly started itching and paining me. Before I could know it, I became so uncomfortable that I could barely stand it. By the next day, my both eyes turned red and bloody. I couldn’t handle it again! With my faith, I joined Prophet TB Joshua in prayer by touching my screen whenever he is praying for the viewers. As I kept praying with Prophet TB Joshua through Emmanuel TV and using Morning Water as my eyes drop, the irritation disappeared, my eyes became clear and I was healed completely. In fact, it is completely OVER! Praise God!! You can see the photo of my eyes to know how severe the problem was. Thank You, Jesus, for restoring me!”

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