Healed From Breast Cancer By The Morning Water

  • By Kapale Ritha Shipena-Kateta
  • / Sep 16, 2016

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year August. The doctor put me on medication, immediately. I later discovered Emmanuel TV in my house which introduced me to the Morning Water. I talked to my husband if he could ask one of his colleagues who had the Morning Water to give it to me. His colleague agreed and gave the Morning Water to my husband to bring it to me. I prayed with faith and ministered the Morning Water.

After some days, I went back to the hospital to do another test but they didn’t find anything. God’s plans are the best. I want to thank the God of Prophet T.B. Joshua for an instant healing!

The best is yet to come!


  • Ketrina Makobwe 4 years ago

    God is so great

  • Jaky Visa 4 years ago

    Gloria a Dios, el es nuestro médico y abogado. JESUS mi sanador.

  • Lyndsey Justice 4 years ago

    Thanks be to God

  • Darlington Ekene 4 years ago

    Thank you Jesus

  • Mike Ment'z 4 years ago

    I thank God for your life sister

  • beliver8 4 years ago

    Thank you God.

  • Alili Show 4 years ago

    Thank u Lord

  • nonies 4 years ago

    Thank u lord

  • jude amahor 4 years ago

    I had bronchial pnuemonia and it was even hard for me to breathe ,
    little things such walking around the house were so difficult for me
    I then asked my brother to send me a bottle of the Anointing Water.
    I would spray the Anointing Water in the morning , in the afternoon and at night
    and I would pray asking God almighty to heal me.

    Thank God , on that faithful evening as I was just done with my night prayers
    I slept with the bottle of the Anointing water right on my chest the next thing
    I felt was a strong vibration on my chest ,it was as though I had a cellular phone on my chest
    when i reached out I found the anointing water bottle it was not shaking but the vibrations in my
    chest were so much scary that at a point i came out of my thinking that something
    was wrong with me.

    And little did I know that I was recieving my healing ,from that day on I am healed
    through the medium of the Anointing Water .Thank you Lord God of Prophet T B Joshua
    Thank You Jesus

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