Healed of Asthma

  • By Caleb Ugede
  • / Dec 10, 2018

By the Grace of God and the authority of Jesus Christ I give my testimony. My name is Caleb Ugede, a Nigerian from Benue State. I have had Asthma for over 10 years. I was privileged to get the new Living Water from The SCOAN Altar where the Cherubim were present; after praying and administering the Living Water, I went to the toilet to ease myself were I discovered my urine was yellowish in colour and smelt so strong as though it was mixed with drugs from a hospital. After that experience I did not use my ventolin inhaler or tablets again. By Jesus’ wounds I am healed to the glory of His holy name.


My name is Caleb Ugede. I hail from Benue State, Nigeria.

In a few seconds I will tell you my story of healing.

For over 10 years of my life I carried the burden of asthma. In all of this time I couldn’t do without my Ventolin inhaler and asthma tablets. As a believer in God’s power, however, I knew that couldn’t be His plan for my life — that is, to be dependent on inhalers or drugs to breathe when He himself had put his breath in me. And so I kept seeking His face.

God finally manifested Himself to me after I prayed on The SCOAN altar and took its blessed living water. After drinking the water, I went to urinate. What came out of me was so pungent and discoloured that I knew it couldn’t have been anything else but a sign that my yoke of asthma had been broken. Since then I have been breathing easily, without needing drugs or my inhaler.

Thank You, Lord!

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