Healed Of SEVERE Back Pain Through MASS PRAYER!!!

  • By @moises_ colares
  • / Mar 13, 2019

“Emmanuel! My name is Wandani Ngada from Botswana. On 11th January 2019, I woke up with a terrible back pain, just below the right shoulder. I could not turn my neck or move the arm without support. At first, I thought it was as a result of a faulty posture I might have maintained overnight. I tried to exercise to help get rid of the pain but there was no change. That afternoon, it got even worse! No change came for the whole week that followed. I even asked a colleague to give me a massage. Despite my efforts, it kept getting worse – such that every midnight, I would wake up to an irritating pain.

“As I touched the area, I could feel that a small pimple was developing. I asked my son to walk on my back to help ease the pain. I prayed about it, for I felt that it was a poison deposited in my system. I could not believe that a small pimple could paralyse the whole shoulder! Then on Sunday 20 January, I prayed along during the Mass Prayer on Emmanuel TV – for every infirmity to be stilled in my life! Ever since that Sunday, the pain left me and the pimple/ boil dried completely. I never even had the chance to squeeze it to see what it carried! I thank God for the healing. I have been saved. Thank you Emmanuel TV. Thank You, Jesus!

“I advise people never to take lightly any pain or challenge. I advise everyone to take those small challenges to God, for we don’t know what lies beneath them.”

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