• By Anicet Philip Maro
  • / Mar 4, 2019

“Emmanuel! Greetings in Jesus’ name! My names are Anicet Philip Maro and I’m from Tanzania. On February 23rd 2019, God Almighty mercifully healed me from severe back pain that affected me for more than 15 years! I am a Tour Guide by professional – a job that requires me to drive all the time and in the rough and bumpy roads for 19 years now. About 15 years ago, I started feeling pain on my back. I treated it lightly and at a time, I would use painkillers to slow down the pain, hoping that it would one day heal! But the more years passed by, the more severe pain I experienced. In the last six years, the pain reached a climax as it became so terrible that I could barely even stand! Every night, I go to bed with pain and wake up in the morning with pain! I visited hospitals and doctors but each one told me my back had no problem and that i should just do more exercise!

This made me feel as if these pains were part of me! I did a lot of x-rays but all was in vain and nothing was found as the doctors were telling me that they don’t see anything wrong with me! It continued like that till last week February 23rd 2019. I had a dream where I saw the Man of God, Prophet T.B.Joshua. In the dream, he pointed to a friend of mine whom I was with and prayed for both of us, to which we both fell on the ground! Now, when I woke up in the morning, I felt like something left me! I couldn’t figure out immediately what had happened. I was meditating on the dream but still didn’t know what left me because as the man of God was praying, he didn’t mention my back problem! But I was feeling so light! I left for work, which involved a long drive. Usually, when I come back in the evening, my back at the joint between my waist and the spinal code would be so painful. To my surprise, that day, when I came back home – I wasn’t feeling any pain! I checked myself several times but felt nothing like pain at all! It now that i remembered the dream and realised what had happened to me! God had healed me! I decided to wait for a few days to be sure if this was true and here I am today after one week and NO PAIN AT ALL! Before, I couldn’t even climb stairs properly but now I can run like a school boy! GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY JEHOVAH!!!

I watch Emmanuel TV! Wherever I go, I have the Mobile App on my phone and I always pray with T.B. Joshua online and on YouTube! GLORY TO GOD! Indeed, distance is not a barrier. Good morning! It is a new down to my health in Jesus’ name.”

What is your own challenge? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and get ready to share your own testimony, in Jesus’ name:

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