HEALING From Heart Disease Through Emmanuel TV!!!

  • By Inesy Ndjinaani Jacob
  • / Apr 3, 2019

“Emmanuel! My name is Inesy Ndjinaani Jacob from Namibia. My testimony goes like this: A close family member died in 2010 because of heart disease. A few months later, I started experiencing the same sickness. It began with severe pain in my feet. Then I started feeling dizzy, sweating excessively and my heart began beating at an abnormally fast rate. I became so weak. I couldn’t drink too much water, coffee, coke or eat sweet things – I only wanted to sleep. Sometimes I would find myself vomiting before having a bit of relief.

“One day at work – I am working in at a guesthouse where I do housekeeping – I switched on the TV, and I saw Emmanuel TV and Prophet TB Joshua was praying for the viewers. I decided to pray along with him. When I went to sleep that night, I dreamt that Prophet TB Joshua was praying for me and he said, ‘You are having a heart problem.’ As he prayed for me, I started coughing in that dream and then fell down. I immediately felt free! That was in August 2018. From the day I had that dream till today, I have not experienced any pain or symptoms of that heart disease! I am completely healed, in Jesus’ name! Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Are you struggling with a strange sickness? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and receive your healing today, in Jesus’ name!

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