“I Am A Living Testimony Of Emmanuel TV…”

  • By Emmanuel TV
  • / Mar 8, 2015

Happy birthday Emmanuel TV! God has used Emmanuel TV and Prophet T.B. Joshua to touch, heal and deliver so many lives including me. I am a living testimony of God’s power working through Emmanuel TV!

“Just by placing my hands on my telephone screen, I was delivered from so many spirits that had troubled me for so many years – spiritual wife, spirit of masturbation, spirit of watching pornography, spirit of smoking cigarettes and marijuana, spirit of pile in the family that had killed so many members of my family. I thank You God Almighty for making Emmanuel TV!”


  • Boyd Phiri 6 years ago

    As he did it for you, may He visits those in bondages in Jesus Christ name amen.

  • kawser 6 years ago

    Greetings in Jesus’ name. Congratulations of your birthday Emmanuel TV.
    My name is Kawser Ali Omar, originally from Somalia, living in Belgium. I have watched Emmanuel TV 6 years, everyday, especially Sunday all day. It built me spiritually and encouraged me as I hear the Word of God preached by the man of God and others, and also the testimonies of others.

    I visited 2 times in Nigeria to worship at SCOAN: 2013 and 2015. That was one of the best experiences in my life.If God gives me resources I plan to come to worship at SCOAN again.

    May God bless you as you are serve Him,

    Yours in Christ,
    Kawser Ali Omar

  • edmarkernest 6 years ago


    On 8 March 2015 at 13:48, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  • Ajah ngumiebtamba 6 years ago

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Emmanuel TV it is a marvelous thing God has done in my life and the lives of many through Emmanuel TV. I was rescued from death by praying along with PROPHET TB JOSHUA she I was seriously and critically sick just by placing my hands on the screen that was in 2010 two years later God blessed me with a Dubai visa and a job in Dubai that not withstanding I kept on praying and this year God also blessed me in my examination Which I sad for as an international Occupational Health and safety engineer all glory to God and thanks to the prayers and teachings through the Emmanuel TV and PROPHET TB Joshua My testimonies continues for my life has changed my bad habits gone my family is saved JESUS CHRIST is my Pilar. Thank you Lord

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    People of God beware of fraudster,scoan never send out the anointing water to people via post to reach you in your country,people abroad do not be deceived by this fake email addres,scoan would never asking you to place an order on email.
    To get any items from scoan ask someone who are going to scoan to collect it for you and it’s

  • Ayamba Mbi 5 years ago

    Distance is never a barrier when it come to God.Faith is just what we need

  • William Mahlasela 5 years ago


    On Sun, Mar 8, 2015 at 2:48 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  • Aimee josua 5 years ago

    People of God beware of fraudsters using tb joshua ‘s name ,and ministries to deceive de you.

  • jeradine 5 years ago

    I used the anointing water on my body before travelling on the 25th of may 2015. Behold a ghastly motor accident occurred on my way and I was saved. The driver and many passengers died on the spot but God survived me. I thank God for using prophet TB Joshua to save his people. Where there is faith there is life.

  • Anile Shakur 4 years ago

    wow God is great

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