Incredible DELIVERANCE Through Song ‘Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken!’

  • By Micah Kipkoech Terer
  • / Apr 4, 2019

“Emmanuel!! My name is Micah Terer from Kenya. I would like to share a testimony of how God used Prophet TB Joshua to deliver me! In 2016, I had a child out of wedlock due to the spirit of lust which I struggled with. That spirit later brought my multimillion business down to its knees and left me even with huge debts. I almost separated with my wife just to marry this other lady as I was craving for peace of mind, love and respect. However, Emmanuel TV rescued us!

“Since we started watching Emmanuel TV about two years ago, we have been receiving deliverance and breakthrough after breakthrough! Recently, Prophet TB Joshua introduced the anointed song “Sin’s power over me be broken” and we received incredible deliverance! After listening to this song, I had a dream that night in which a certain voice told me to always be honest and faithful in all that I do. I later reflected about the dream and realised that there was a secret I had been keeping – the child out of wedlock which my wife wasn’t aware of.

“Because Prophet T.B. Joshua taught us to report everything around us, I was propelled by the Spirit of God to tell my wife and ask for forgiveness. As I continued praying, my wife accepted to forgive me. In fact, my wife even had the strength to reconcile with the said lady who confirmed to my wife that she had no more relationship with me and her only interest is the upbringing of the child. My wife and I will be soon meeting this lady to deliberate on how we can all take care of the innocent baby! I thank God of Prophet TB Joshua for bringing peace and calmness to my family. Indeed, we serve a living God. Glory be to God. Emmanuel!!!”

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