My Encounter With Christ Through Emmanuel TV!!!

  • By Micah Kipkoech Terer
  • / Mar 18, 2019

“Good Morning! My name is Micah Terer from Kenya. I wish to share to the viewers all over the world the goodness of the Lord in my life and that of my family. Indeed, distance is not a barrier! By faith and prayer through Emmanuel TV, You tube and the ‘Good Morning Sticker’ which I received from a friend who visited The SCOAN, God has been able to deliver me from:
1. Spirit of joblessness – for both me and my wife
2. Spirit of lust and masturbation
3. Spirit of accident
4. Spirit of setbacks
5. Spirit of nightmares
6. Spirit of sickness
7. Spirit of debts

“When I started watching Emmanuel TV exactly two years ago, I was going through hell on earth. My business – which had grown from just little capital to me becoming a millionaire with over 50 employees – collapsed, causing me and my family to go through agony and pain! We sold all our household goods, apart from our TV set, just so that we could survive. It reached a certain point where we even had to borrow money for food.

“When we prayed with Prophet T.B. Joshua through Emmanuel TV, I and my wife started vomiting poisonous substances! What followed was breakthrough after breakthrough! Our marriage, which was on the verge of separation, was fully restored and affection came back as well! My wife was able to conceive and right now we have received a bundle of joy – a bouncing baby girl (born 12/3/2019).

“In addition, my wife and I got employment from the Kenya Government which was initially difficult to be obtained even after several attempts for more than 5 years. We have been able to overcome many other health challenges and afflictions which had given us nightmares. God have shown us His favour and mercies to overcome court cases related to debts which occurred after the collapse of our business. God has been so faithful to us!

“At the moment we are happy and delighted that we can afford our basic things, our children can go to good schools, we can live in a decent environment and we can help the needy in the society. Glory be to God! Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come. Emmanuel!!!”

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