• By Emily Okundaye
  • / May 16, 2019

“Hi! I’m Emily Okundaye from Italy. Three years ago, after my mum pushed and pushed me to come to Nigeria, I finally went to The SCOAN. I met an evangelist, explained all my problems to her and was privileged to go to the Prayer Line.

“At that time, I knew that it was my last bus stop. Because of asthma, I was always going to and coming from the hospital. I missed one year in school due to this and always stayed at home, getting fat due to the treatments I was taking. Somebody was tormenting my life; I had these bad dreams where a spirit wearing black was at staying at the back of my bed. I was just terrified because I didn’t know where these evil attacks were coming from.

“And then the day came when I wen to The SCOAN. I was there and the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, touched me and from that day, everything vanished! No more hospitals! No more drugs! No more looking inside my bag check for medication! No more spiritual attacks! It was just a normal life as God destined for me.

“Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, man of God! May God continue to give you strength, in Jesus’ name I pray!”

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