• By cynthia simekha
  • / Mar 25, 2019

Cynthia Simekha shared a touching testimony of receiving peace of heart after a life-changing visit to The SCOAN:

“Emmanuel!!! I would like to give thanks to the Almighty God for loving me and raining His mercies, grace and blessings of life and good health upon me. I am humbled.

“For a long time, I have struggled with anger, depression, and stagnation in various aspects of my life. I always searched for quick fixes in order to feel better quickly. This led to me indulging in a bad lifestyle of alcohol consumption so that I could forget my problems. As a result, I ended up in the wrong company of friends – all we did was get drunk, go clubbing and even smoke.

“However, during this time, I still managed to do very well at school and go to work – but always under the influence of alcohol. I graduated at the top of my class, got my bachelors degrees and was admitted to graduate school. Here is where everything finally fell apart! I began experiencing symptoms of depression and everything became stagnant in my life, career, and relationships. Nightmare attacks became more frequent and intense than ever – I would see myself only in the company of the dead. As my life became worse, I indulged in more drinking, lost all my so-called friends and found myself crying daily due to the pain and confusion I was experiencing. The emotional pain was so bad that I could feel it physically and wanted God to just take it away, thus resulting in suicidal thoughts.

“It was in late 2016 that I became serious with my spiritual life – despite being introduced to Emmanuel TV in 2013 by my aunt (who also had given me one the older Let love lead Anointing Sticker and Morning Water). I had to go through my old boxes of items to find my sticker! I began watching Emmanuel TV and engaging in prayer.

“In March 2017, I was fortunate to go to The SCOAN. However, before I could embark on this journey, I encountered so many challenges that included my visa being delayed until I canceled my flight a day before flying. By the grace, mercies and love of God, my visa arrived on the morning of the day I was to travel. I was able to rebook my ticket and traveled to SCOAN that evening. My journey had so many challenges but I was determined to receive my deliverance! On getting to The SCOAN, I was fortunate to be placed on the prayer line. I was prayed for by the man of God and immediately, I felt like a weight had been lifted!

“After that, I traveled back home. From that moment, I did not have any craving for alcohol or smoking or clubbing. I felt at peace! I rarely was quick to anger and less worried because I learned to leave all for God, my Father. Nevertheless, the more I prayed and listened to the Word of God, the challenges continued to increase. As I continue with school and life, despite the challenges I face, I am humbled that I have peace and calmness at heart and in my spirit – and I am able to pray and have faith that all is well! The best is yet to come.

“The peace I have can’t be traded for anything or bought! I am humbled and forever grateful to God. With peace, I am able to think through problems and challenges with clarity and gracefully. I always remember the teaching of Prophet TB Joshua that “a man can be sick in body but a friend of Jesus Christ” and “challenges are meant to strengthen our faith and make us pray the more.” Therefore, I try to live by these teachings.

“I am honoured to testify of the blessing of peace of mind, deliverance from alcohol use and academic and career breakthrough I am experiencing (I am currently in my doctoral studies and doing well). Thanks and all glory to Jesus Christ! Good morning! It’s a new dawn to my life, spiritual life, academics, health, relationships, family and career! Amen.”

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