“When Prophet T.B. Joshua Was Praying, FIRE Started Burning…”

  • By Julia Chipalo
  • / Sep 25, 2018

“Emmanuel! My name is Julia Chipalo from Tanzania. I was watching Emmanuel TV today at around 6:30pm when I was called that a girl called Gloria that we live with had fallen at the kitchen door and was unconscious. I rushed home and carried her to the sitting room. I knew there were some demons at work, so I waited for my husband to come so we could pray together. However, when Prophet TB Joshua was praying for viewers on Emmanuel TV, she suddenly fell from where she was lying on the sofa and started moving like a snake!

“Shortly afterwards, my husband came and we started praying. The evil spirits began confessing that they were in her for 24 years and today was the day they were told to kill her. They said they were about to finish killing her but when Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying, fire started burning them and they couldn’t complete their mission. She is delivered now and full of life! Glory be to God! I always see testimonies about Emmanuel TV but today I witnessed it LIVE and DIRECT! For sure, distance is not a barrier. Due to what was happening, I couldn’t record a video or take a picture but uploaded her own picture.”

What is your own challenge? Pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua and believe in Jesus Christ for your own deliverance!

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