• / Apr 15, 2019

“My name is Etinot Betty. I am Ugandan but currently living in Japan as a student. I got married in 2013. From the very inception of our marriage, I had no affection for my husband. I surely knew he had no problem because he is a good man. He did all he could to please me – but to no avail. I had a spirit of anger, which was so serious that we barely finished a discussion without arguing. I was always the cause of the argument! With other people, I hid the anger so they always thought I was a good person but deep inside me, I knew I wasn’t. Whenever he was away, I would regret all this but didn’t know how to solve it. Meanwhile I often had nightmares of a man I once had a relationship with and two unknown people coming between.

“My situation continued for three years until I travelled to Japan. Here I started watching Emmanuel TV online. Day by day as I listened to the preaching of Prophet T.B Joshua and watched people’s testimonies, I realised the cause of my problem. I often prayed with the Prophet on Emmanuel TV and my life turned around! I learned how to pray, the spirit of anger left and I felt at peace even in the midst of challenges. Even the man who used to come to me came again in the dream and said to me, ‘Bye bye, I have gone for good’. And the other spirits too in form of two people never appeared again! That was the last time I saw all of them in my dreams!

“After a year, my husband joined me in Japan and I immediately noticed he looked different. My affection had been restored! Until this day – almost one year and a half later – we live in peace and enjoy our marriage. My Christian life has greatly improved. Glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus, for using Your servant Prophet TB Joshua. Thanks Prophet TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team!”

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