• / Mar 29, 2019

“Good morning! My name is Tedonkeng Jeutsop Rodrigue and my wife’s name is Mrs Tedonkeng Jasmine Christelle and we have three children. We are Cameroonians living in Douala.

“This is our testimony: By the special grace of God, my wife was pregnant but during this pregnancy, she faced too many attacks in her dream. Women would tell her that she would die during childbirth or she would give birth through an operation. Sometimes, she would see herself fighting a woman who was kicking her belly and after waking up, she would physically be feeling pain.

“The pregnancy went to 42 weeks (10.5 months!!!), so doctors said they would have to induce the baby to come out. My wife called me from the hospital but I told her that God would help us and that we should be patiently praying. We have Emmanuel TV in our house and intensified our prayers with Prophet T B Joshua, as we knew that the enemy was at work.

“We also sent a prayer request and The SCOAN prayer team replied to us, saying they were praying for us, which was so encouraging. To the glory of God, on 27/02/2019, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy safely – without any operation! Today, they are all fine! GLORY BE TO OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR, JESUS CHRIST!

“I want also to use this opportunity to give this another mother of testimonies! When I got married with my wife, she had the problem of vaginal discharge and it was difficult to her to conceive. She prayed with Prophet TB Joshua through Emmanuel TV and God located her! After the prayer, she dreamt and saw many things coming out from her private part. Physically, she received her healing and the vaginal discharge stopped immediately. That was more than 5 years ago. Today we have 3 boys children and all are healthy by the grace of God!

“Thank You Lord JESUS CHRIST! Thank you Prophet TB Joshua for making yourself available for God to use you! Thank you SCOAN! Thank you Emmanuel TV! May Almighty God continue to bless you and give you more grace to do His work in JESUS’ MIGHTY NAME! AMEN!”

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