We Saw An ANGEL On Emmanuel TV!!!

  • By Judith Bubakar
  • / Apr 10, 2019

“DISTANCE IS NOT A BARRIER! Praise God, Church! I am Mrs Judith Bubakar, a Kenyan living in USA. I came to The SCOAN two years ago in April 2017 for God to intervene in several areas of my life. I was pregnant with multiple fibroids and the doctors said I would not be able to successfully deliver my baby. Also, my residence permit in USA was taking longer than normal. Before arriving at The SCOAN, I said to myself, ‘I don’t need the man of God to see me; if I just step into The SCOAN, God will do the rest!’

“Church, God answered my prayers! I didn’t have any problems with the pregnancy and God blessed us with a baby girl two weeks before my due date. Just three weeks after returning from The SCOAN, I received my green card! Also, when we were watching Emmanuel TV during a time of prayers for viewers, an ANGEL appeared on TV – something we have never experienced! As our daughter came close to Emmanuel TV, we saw this powerful light! I even grabbed my phone and took this powerful picture, which I attached. Emmanuel!!!”

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