Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken Song = A-Z HEALING!!

  • By Cikizwa Gloria Mabaso
  • / Mar 27, 2019

“My name is Cikizwa Gloria Mabaso from South Africa, Cape Town and I’m a child of God. On 25 March 2019, I was sitting and resting on the couch after a long day from work and all of sudden, I had a strain on the back of my left leg muscle. What a painful strain it was! I couldn’t move my leg for a while and I reached for my phone and Googled how to stretch the muscle. This leg has been giving me challenges on and off prior to this incident. I couldn’t stand for too long and wearing flat shoes would just aggravate the pain and cause so much discomfort. I knew that my leg issue is a generational curse as my mother suffers the same problem and some members of my family too. I finally managed to stand up and stretch the muscle as I was listening to ‘Sin’s Power Over Me Is Broken’ as I recorded it on my phone on Sunday and I was singing along.

“I went to bed feeling so exhausted. Usually when I’m this tired, it’s hard for me to pray effectively because I’ll be feeling sleepy but I always ensure I sleep with Emmanuel TV; that’s a norm in my house. So, I took my phone went to Emmanuel TV on YouTube and fell asleep with the song playing in the background. I had a dream where I was chatting to a man and I was laughing with him because I knew him as a friend who passed on last year. In the dream, I realised that something was wrong as I shouldn’t be talking and laughing with the dead. So, I wanted to get rid of him but I couldn’t as he was following me everywhere. So, I decided to trap him and took him to Prophet T.B. Joshua. The Prophet grabbed him – exactly where my leg pain was – and the man fell down. He then warned me about laughing and chatting to this man. Strangely enough, I noticed the man was wearing a belt with a buckle written with the letters A and Z. For me, it meant all my problems had been solved from A-Z!

“I received my deliverance through this amazing song and I give God all the glory, praise and honour, and I thank God for His servant, Prophet T.B. Joshua. He’s a gift to our generation and Emmanuel TV is really a true blessing for people like me. I woke up and my leg was healed and I just couldn’t sit with this amazing testimony. It may seem insignificant to others but to me, it’s a confirmation that I will soon be dining with Jesus! Ever since I started following Emmanuel TV, my life changed and I could never ask God for anything else than the peace He has given me. I may not have worldly wealth but I surely can testify that the peace in my heart is priceless. God’s time is the best! Emmanuel!”

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