This STRANGE OBJECT Came Out Of My Stomach!!!

  • By Abimbola SHINA Olalekan
  • / Apr 2, 2019

“Emmanuel!!! My name is Abimbola Olalekan. Distance is NOT a barrier indeed! I was healed of chronic stomach pain that defied all medical assistance through Emmanuel TV! I fell terribly sick and for days, I could not eat. I lost weight, became very weak and all hope seemed to be fading because the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I had an X-ray conducted on me and was directed to scan the stomach; I also had a urine test for possible infections – but all the tests came out negative. However, the pains increased daily!

“I decided to bring my case to the Arena of Liberty! I sent my prayer request to The SCOAN and during the last Sunday service Mass Prayer, I prayed along with Emmanuel TV and touched the screen as Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for viewers. Lo and behold, on Monday morning, I felt pressed to go to the toilet and something very unusual and strange came out of my stomach via the anus! As it came out, I became healed instantly! I can eat now! I can jump! I can run! I slept like a baby with so much peace in my heart for the first time in many months! Emmanuel!!!”

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