“My Tears Of Pain Are Now Tears Of Joy!!!”

  • By Salome Rudo Sauke
  • / Mar 8, 2019

“Emmanuel! My name is Salome R Sauke. I live in Zimbabwe. I am married with two kids – a girl and a boy with another one on the way. In December 2017, I sent a prayer request to Prophet T.B. Joshua, crying for prayers for my family. My marriage was in trouble and we were on the verge of separation. We were always arguing, fighting and bad mouthing each other. We were both not working at that time but I blamed my husband for our situation. I would call him lazy and never appreciated his efforts. Because we could not afford a place of our own, we stayed with my in-laws at their house in one room with our two children. We could not fully support ourselves and had to rely on family members.

“At this point, I decided to pray with Emmanuel TV and send my prayer request to The SCOAN. I made this decision after I realised that all my own efforts were fruitless – they came to nothing and only seemed to make things worse. I had watched many testimonies and I also wanted my own! God is faithful! After sending my prayer request, I continued praying with Emmanuel TV with both of my children. Shortly afterwards, a friend of my husband who had bought a home for his family but lived outside the country asked my husband to manage the operations that were taking place there. This enabled my husband to look after us and the friend even offered for us to go and stay in that house, where he gave us money every month.Its an 8 roomed house with solar electricity! I then got employed by a non governmental organisation carrying out work in communities. I thank God because He is true to His Word and He is faithful. Through Emmanuel TV, my marriage is restored! We are now happy – no more fighting or bad mouthing each other. My tears of pain are now tears of joy. I am no longer bitter. I thank the God of Prophet T.B Joshua, the Emmanuel TV Team and the prayer warriors.”

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