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  • / Mar 9, 2015

“There is only one “TB JOSHUA” and only one “EMMANUEL TV”. Since watching a documentary film in 2013, my life has been greatly impacted by the power and worldwide outreach of The SCOAN which is truly The Synagogue Church of All Nations!

“Immediately I became a partner and frequently plant seeds of donations accompanied by ‘impossible’ prayer requests. Not one has failed to be answered! I am from Alabama in the USA and my heart’s desire is to personally travel to Lagos, Nigeria to receive prayer from this great man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.”


  • Zaina sadiq 6 years ago

    I started watching emmanuel TV in November 2013 when I was searching for cheerful channels on zuku satellite. I didn’t know much about it but I watched it. One day a friend visited me and found me watching emmanuel TV and he told me never to switch off that TV, as I watched it I started reading my bible everyday following the different sermons. Since then my dreams changed . I started dreaming of prophet tb Joshua talking to me directing me on what to do regarding the various challenges. Now am a new person full of joy, peace and love. Long live emmanuel TV

  • michael 6 years ago

    We give praise to GOD.

  • michael 6 years ago

    We give praise to GOD. My testimony is praising GOD for what he has done for me for giving me employment.

  • Blomy 6 years ago

    The synagogue church of all nations is in every house of all those who believe in the God of prophet tb joshua, healing us, delivering us, saving and blessing us through Emmanuel Tv. Emmanuel!!!

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    Becareful of fraudster in this page,do not ordering nothing from this impostor,

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    Man of God or the wise man never communicated with people via Internet or tel.
    Any items from scoan is not on sold on Internet,you have to make your trip or asking someone who are going to help you otherwise you will end up in the hands of fraudster who will con you without mercy

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    You are a liar,stop coned innoncent people,you are not a man working at tb Joshua ministries but a fraudster ,God will punish you one day.
    People of God do not order nothing from this man

  • Richard 6 years ago

    If what is said of you is true, please do the honourable thing and post an apology. Jesus died in your stead too; you too have a franchise to BE saved. So you have an obligation to correct your error. There is a saying that goes like this:” fools go where Angels fear to tread.” God certainly didn’t create fools……I know your mother told you you could be anything in life, but a fool is not one of those on the list. I think she meant that you could BE saved.

  • Lydiah Mugadza 6 years ago

    Amen. ——————————

  • Boyd Phiri 6 years ago

    Yes and very true, THERE BE ONE PROPHET TB JOSHUA AND ONE EMMANUEL TV. Man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, said there will be no one quite like you. No need to copy others.

  • edmarkernest 6 years ago


    On 9 March 2015 at 21:05, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  • Adakole Breakthrough 6 years ago

    Emmanuel changing my life,changing nation,changing the world.I’m so greatful for the great change in my life through Emmanuel tv, connects me to high tension in God’s word.I knew God as a reliable,dependable,strong,wiser,sweeter than anything in this has made me know that God is always with me.Thank you my prophet for the great encounter with you via may God increase his anointing upon you head.HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMANUEL.TV!!!!!GOODMORNING.

  • Leo 6 years ago

    I started watching Emmanuel TV on September 2014. I was looking on Google how to pray because I was having bad dreams. I found the man of GodTB Joshua who not only was praying, but was also changing people’s lives through miracles, teachings and counseling services. I was very impressed and I wanted to share the news with everyone around me. But I was desapointed because all of my friends were skeptical . I then Google the biography of TB Joshua, i realized that this man is special from his pregnancy, his en fancy through his adult hood. I kept on watching Emmanuel TV on my phone and I pray, meditate as the man of God taught us:
    Lord, “take more of me and give me more of you”. Now bad dreams are the things of past. I no longer fighting, eating and traveling in my dreams. Yesterday, I dreamed that I was confused and I was in panic, but some one came and carried me on his lap like a baby. He then gave me a kiss on a cheek, just like a mother would give a kiss to her love child. I could not see the person’s face, but I felt that was Jesus Christ carrying me. I felt the peace that you could not imagine and I slept in his hands. When I woke up, I read Psalm 23 in the Bible. Thank you Lord, thank you senior prophet TB Joshua and team. Happy birthday Emmanuel TV. Keep the good work.

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!
    The only plce you can have the anoiting water,sticker,bracelet is at scoan Nigeria,you have to make your trip or asking someone going to collect for you,otherwise you will end up in hands of fraudsters who will con you without mercy.
    Do ordering any items from scoan from Internet or from someone.

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    Do not ordering nothing from this man he is an impostor,fraudster.
    The only place to have any items from scoan is at scoan Nigeria.

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    People of God beware of fraudsters in this page !!!!

    The only place you can have anointing water,sticker,bracelet,is at scoan Nigeria,do not ordering any items from Internet,tel,email or from someone,otherwise you will end up in hands of fraudsters who will con you without mercy.
    Do not be the next victim,be away from this man,he is determined to dup people and he is he is putting adverts every where to attracted you !!!
    Be vigilant !!!!

  • Aimee josua 6 years ago

    Dear coordinator please something must be done to stop all those fraudsters in this page.
    This site is to share our testimony for what God are doing in our lives through the ministry of man of God tb Joshua ,but it seems like fraudsters are taken over by putting fake adverts about scoan items !! as you can see is not testimonies any more but adverts everywhere what mean this??
    why not them created their own site as so many are doing?why here?
    You can block them or just removed all those fake adverts .
    Enough is enough

  • Ayamba Mbi 6 years ago

    Thank God for this Emmanuel tv,there is power in watching it.

  • William Mahlasela 5 years ago


    On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 10:05 PM, Distance Is Not A Barrier: Emmanuel TV

  • Aimee josua 5 years ago

    Attention aux voleurs et escrocs sur cette page,ne commandez pas l’eau d’onction sur internet.

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